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What is a Trust Exchange?

The Global Trust Exchange (GTX) is a proposed member-controlled network of individuals and organizations committed to propagating knowledge, projects, and technology that help make the exchange of trust easier and safer.   Exchange of trust refers to any type of exchange where personal trust and mutual interest are essential.

A preliminary step to establishing a Global Trust Exchange is deployment of demonstration projects for entrepreneurial networks and other meta networks to help increase their effectiveness.  

Related projects include: 

  •  Facilitating development and success of additional meta networks.  A meta network is a decentralized network of networks where members share important goals, values and common experiences and are willing to help each other..
  • Designing and helping develop trust exchange technology and applications, including:

    a)  Private applications for organizations and meta networks that integrate their existing private data and applications with trust exchange data and applications. . 

    b)  Public applications that can be used within existing social networking sites

  • Designing and catalyzing special projects that make use of trust exchange applications to help solve difficult problems made worse by a current lack of trust. 
Our primary mission is to help make the exchange of trust scale, in order to decrease fragmentation, and increase collective intelligence and synergistic cooperation.

The context for these plans will be clearer after reading
What is a "trust exchange"?.

For more information about the Global Trust Exchange contact Duncan Work,



What is a Trust Exchange?